Sandalenwerkstatt Freiburg
Thilo und Assies GbR
Talstr. 9a
79102 Freiburg
Tel: 0761 - 70 11 77

Price List

We´re delighted in your interest in our sandals. When you have decided on placing an order, you need to send us an imprint of your feet, so that we can make your sandals to measure.  The best thing would be for you to come personally to our workshop, so that we can make these imprints. But we can also send you the foot-imprinting sheets along with instructions and an order form, so that you can make these imprints yourself.  You then send back the finished imprints to us. It would be best if you collected the sandals we have made for you personally - but we can also send them to you. In that case, you will have to adjust the straps yourself. Of course, we provide instructions on how to do this, as well as hints on how to care for your sandals.

Pricelist 2015 (in Euro)
für Maßsandalen (Leder natur!)
Modell Damen Herren
Mexico 325,- 345,-
Sahara 340,- 360,-
Sommerwind 310,- 330,-
Havanna 315,- 335,-
Haifa 330,- 345,-
Amalfi 330,- 350,-
Colombo 360,- 380,-
Handnaht-Mod. Mexico 470,- 500,-
Panama ab 480,- ab 510,-
Vienna 660,- 680,-
Dyed leather   10,-
Fersenkeil   28,-
Postage / C.O.D. within Germany 10,-
  outside Germany 20,-