Sandalenwerkstatt Freiburg
Thilo und Assies GbR
Talstr. 9a
79102 Freiburg
Tel: 0761 - 70 11 77

About us

The origins of our sandal workshop lie in the late 1970s in the Weißen Laden (“White Shop”) in the Adelhauserstraße here in Freiburg. After a decade in a workshop in the Kirchstraße, we found our current location in the Talstraße in a former bakery. At first, basing ourselves on earlier developments in Ulm and Munich, we only made the Mexico Sandal. We adapted it from a sandal that is widespread in Mexico, but translated it into European craftsmanship, and adjusted it to formal and orthopaedic requirements. Later, we developed additional models. As the years passed, we made our sandals increasingly on the basis of experience and our own quality standards. Since 1985 we have also been crafting made-to- measure shoes.

Our Quality Standards

We use only high-quality raw materials and process them using costly, traditional craftsmanship. Our aim is to make a long-lived, top-class, premium product which does justice to your foot. Our sandals also have exceptional qualities with regard to sustainability and environmental balance.

The Shape of Our Sandals

Our sandals are individually made to measure. For this reason the shape of the sandal derives directly from the shape of the foot itself. The straps follow the outline of the foot and the sole is made to fit your individual foot. This enables a natural, easy sequence of movementsand a untiring, comfortable gait. Especially the three-strap model ideally combines a firm, secure seat for the foot with the best wearing comfort - it takes only a short time for the foot to become familiarized.

Materials and Construction

The soles and straps of our sandals use only cow leather which is tanned using materials derived purely from plants.This precludes any skin irritations.The layers of leather sole are sewn together with perlon thread to resist ageing.The seating for the foot is formed out of flexible sheets of cork. For the sole-layer that touches the ground, we use highly abrasion-proof rubber soling. If you wish, we can also use a different material (leather, hill-climbing-soles, natural crepe).


The top of the sole and the straps are processed in a golden-brown natural leather colour. However, we can also colour your sandals. Our standard dye colours are mocca-brown, chestnut-brown, and burgundy-red. Other colours are possible - but only by special arrangement!


Leather is a product of nature. A certain amount of care is necessary to maintain its suppleness and durability. The best leather-grease (never oil) for ordinary care, and saddle-soap for cleaning, are important preconditions for a long service life for your sandals. In this way, after months or years your sandals will develop a lovely patina.