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The Mexico Sandal

This sandal is conceived as a robust, sturdy everyday sandal - our “classic” sandal, with 3 straps, 2 straps, or even only 1.

For centuries this sandal has been worn in Mexico and Central America in various versions - and is still being worn to this day. Depending on preference and foot size, you can select strap widths between 7 and 10 millimetres. As with all our models, the straps run straight through the sandal and can be adjusted individually. This guarantees an exceptionally good, secure seating for the foot. We also offer the Mexico Sandal as a hand-sewn sandal - in this case, we build in an additional intermediate sole underneath the cork base, and lavishly sew it in a second stitching - by hand - through all the layers of the sole. This model can hold up against very extreme demands. As a consequence of its robust appearance, the Mexico Sandal is favoured predominantly - but not exclusively - by men.

Maßsandale Modell Mexico Ursandale aus Mexiko